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What Is The Privacy Policy Of Tricksforyou :-

In this page I am describing  privacy policy of our website . Here you will know, what we are sharing on our website and what you will get to know from our site . If you are a reader of our website, then you have to follow privacy .

What I Am Sharing On My Website :-

  •    Here I am sharing some tricks and tips about Mobile and Computer.
  • Also I will provide some tips about ethical Hacking  (I.e. how to become a cirtified ethical hacker .
  • Here you will get all latest tech related news with few discus .
  • After these, I am providing some tricks and tips  about Computer software, games, Mobile Application etc .
  • Providing some Top list of tech related things like Top Apps, Top software, Top website etc .

What Can I Do For You :-

  • Those post are I am sharing to you, If you like any post then please say something about our post through comment section . Because comments are boosting me to provide more and more post on my website .
  • If you are seeing any ttoe of mistake on our post or website then please contact us throuby contact form or also you can contact me on Whatsapp (My Whatsapp no is provided on contact us page ).
  • If you need post about a particular nich and particular tricks then you can contact me on contact us page . I will definitely try to post your particular nich .

Third Party Link :-

  • Please don’t share any website’s link on our without our permission .
  • If your website link is related to our post or helpful to our reader then you can share without any permission .
  • We may include third party link or offers services on our website . This third party sites has there own privacy policy and they are independent. So we don’t take responsibility of this linked site .

Changes To Our Privacy Policy :-

  • We can change our privacy policy at any time we need to improve our site .
  • If we will change our privacy policy, then I will inform you through our post .

Terms And Conditions : –

This is a personal blog, so without any permission you can not copy paste our post to any where in your blog .

Final Word :-

As I already says that, we are always providing some unique and quality post about Computer,  Mobile and some tech related things . All of our post or articles are just for educational and motivation propose only . So we are not responsible, how users use our website and what they are doing .

If you have any problems or want’s to give some suggestions then feel free to give your feedback through my email ( or contact me through Contact Us page .