If you are worried about your low phone memory or want to delete your useless stock applications from your Android mobile . Then you are in the right place . Today I will share you, how you can permanently delete stock apps from your android mobile .

How To Delete Stock Apps In Android Without Rooting:-

As you know that all the stock applications are pre-installed from Google and manufacturer company . As I mention above these apps are taking more space unnecessarily . That’s why we always want to delete them, but wouldn’t do that without root our android mobile . But I have a trick, by using this trick you can easily delete your stock apps permanently without root your device . So without any delay let’s move to our procedure.

Procedure For Delete Stock Apps :-

Here I have to method, if you only want to disable these stock apps then you can easily do that by using your mobile setting. But if you want to permanately delete these apps then you need to follow the steps . So I will tell you both method, but you can skip the first method  if you want to permanently delete them .

Method 1 = For Disable The Stock Apps

Step 1= First of all go to you mobile setting from your Android mobile .

Step 2= Then search for application and tap on it .
Step 3= Now open the application manager, here you can see your all apps that available on your mobile .
Step 4= Now open the application that you want disable .
Step 5= As you can see on my screenshots, first tap on force stop bottom then tap on disable .

That’s It! Now you need to do the same process for all those apps that you want to disable .

Method 2= For Permanently Delete Them :-

Step 1= First of all you need to enable the developer option ( Go to Setting then open About Phone and look for Build Number and tap 7-10 times on build number , Your developer option automatically activate ).



Step 2= Now you can see developer option on your mobile . Then open it and enable the USB debugging option .
Step 3= Now you have to download a software called Debloater and install it in your Windows PC . Which is help to delete these apps permanently .


Step 4= After complete the installation, connect your Android mobile to your PC through USB cable . And wait for the tool to detect your device . Now it will show you a warning message, simply click on OK bottom .


Step 5= As you can see on my screenshots, click on “read phone packages” . Then it will show you all the applications that available on your Android mobile .

Step 6= Now mark all the applications that you want to delete permanently . And click on apply bottom as shown in the screenshot .


Done!!! Now all those apps are removed from your android mobile and your storage will be free from them .


Final word :-

The above two methods are help you to delete stock apps from your Android mobile without root your device . If you have any question or doubt then feel free to comment below i will definitely reply you . I hope you like this post then share to your friends and your family .


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