How to Control your android mobile from your pc . In this post i am going to share you how you can control your android mobile from your pc by using few simple steps. Here i will provide 2 method in which you can aces your android mobile from your computer. I know there are many application are available, those are offering to control your android device from your pc. But i will describe about best 2 application that i found.


Control Your Android Mobile From Your PC

As you read here i am provide two application to control your android mobile from your pc, one is AirDroid and another is TeamViewer. First i am going to share about AirDroid. So move to our first method.

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Method 1= Using AirDroid

Advantages Of AirDroid App:-

1-It is very easy to use.

2-You can aces your call function on your pc.

3-Send and receive SMS from your pc.

4-You can aces your all file of your android mobile on your pc.

5-Transfer your images, videos and any files from your pc to your android mobile through wireless network.(Doesn’t need any data cable)

6-You can install or uninstall any apps and delete any file from your mobile. You can also back up your all file on your pc.

7-Trace your android mobile when you lost it. And few more features are available.


Steps For Operation:-

Step 1-First of all download AirDroid application on your android mobile from google play store.

Step 2-After install the application then open it. Then it will show you to sign or sign up. If you don’t have account on here then simply just click sign up bottom or if you have one then sign in to your account.(Remember, you have to on your internet connection)

Step 3-After sign in to your account on your mobile. Now go to from your pc.

Step 4-Now here you can see a QR code. Then open your android app then scan the QR code that showing in your computer screen.

Step 5– Now you have successfully connected your android device to your computer. Now you can use all the feature that i mention before.


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Method 2:- Using TeamViewer QuickSupport

Advantages Of TeamViewer QuickSupport:-

1-You can aces your android screen and complete remote control of any other device.

2-File transfer in both direction (You can transfer your file from your computer to mobile and mobile to computer)

3-Sound and hd video transmission in real time.

4-Intuitive touch and control gestures and so much more.

Steps For Operation:-


Step 1– Download TeamViewer application from google play  store.(Link is given below)

Step 2-Also download the TeamViewer software on your computer.

Step 3-Now open the application on your android mobile. Then you can see an ID,and copy that ID.

Step 4-Now open the software on you client computer then put the ID on your computer. And click on “Connect to partner“.

Step 5– Now you can see an pop up on your android mobile to to allow the “remote support” then simply click on  allow.

Step 6-Now it will ask you to download an add-on for remote control features. Then just download it.

Step 7-Again it will show you a pop up to capture everything displayed on your screen.Simply tap to “start now”.

That’s done, Now you can control your android device from your pc.


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Final Word:-

By using above two method you can easily control your android mobile from your pc and also you can do all the features that i mention in Advantage step.I think now you can successfully aces your android mobile from your pc,But if you have question or you can’t understand any steps then feel free to comment below also you can contact me through Contact us. I will definitely reply you. I hope you like this post. If you like this post please share this to your friends.






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